Allan Shivers Library & Museum

About Us

History of Allan Shivers Library & Museum

The building housing the Allan Shivers Museum was built by Robert A. Cruse in 1881. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Shivers secured possession of the building and had it moved to its present location where it was restored and converted into a museum for mementos of the Allan Shivers gubernatorial service. Adjoining the museum, a completely equipped library for reading, study, and research was constructed. The formal dedication was held in October 1966.

In 2003, under the direction of Rosemary Mosey-Bunch with her husband, John Bunch, the Children’s Reading Room was created in the area between the two buildings. On the wall of this room is the original tile painting by Clyde Gray.

The most recent extension of the library is the John and Rosemary Bunch Reading and Meeting Room. The material and activities of this room focus on the senior population of Tyler County. The room opened in late August 2010.


Check our weekly Booster Article or on Facebook PAGE for up to date Information on event days and times .

Library Orientation Week : This is a week long event  in late April / early May were we open the library and museum to all of the schools in the county. It only takes an hour to do and we teach the students about the library, services offered, and the museum. We also have children’s books to sell to the kids. 

Summer Reading Program : Every summer we host a reading program for ages 5-13.  Every Wednesday for 4 weeks in June/ early July. There is also a party day to celebrate and give awards and prizes to our top readers.

Blind date with a book: In Fall we encourage readers to try something new by hiding the title and author of a book so they check it out only by the key words.  

Annual book sale : Every May we sell used books to raise money for the library.  Prices range from $0.50 to $7.

Halloween : The library and museum are decorated for Halloween and children are invited to attend the trick-a-treating .

Programs, Clubs, and Services Offered

 Story Hour: For ages 3-8 we have Story Hour every other Thursday at 10:00 to 11:00 am.

 Senior Reading Club : Every Tuesday from 12-2 this group meets to discuss life and their most recent books read.  Meets weekly.  

Nursing home delivery : We deliver as needed and requested to our community nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and Terracewood Apartments.

All clubs are welcoming to new members. We are always open to new suggestions for clubs - Please contact the Director for more information.