Allan Shivers Library & Museum

Allan Shivers Library and Museum

A Shivers

Allan Shivers was born in Lufkin, Texas on October 5, 1907.  He attended school in Woodville and Port Arthur. He received his BA Degree in 1931, and his Law Degree in 1933, both from the University of Texas.  Mr. Shivers married Marialice Shary in 1937, and they had four children. He was elected to the Texas Senate in 1934, and served in Europe during World War II.  Mr. Shivers served as Lieutenant Governor from 1947-1949.  After the sudden death of Governor Jester in 1949, Shivers became Governor and thereafter was elected to three full terms.  Governor Shivers has the distinction of serving longer in that office than any other Governor in the history of the state, with the exception of Rick Perry. He served for six years on the Board of Regents of the University of Texas, and was President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce from 1967-1969.

The building housing the Allan Shivers Museum was built by Robert A. Cruse in 1881. In 1963, it was scheduled for demolition to make way for a motel. Mr. and Mrs. Shivers purchased the home and had it moved to the present location where it was restored and converted into a museum for the presentation and preservation of the legacy of Allan Shivers.  Adjoining the museum is a completely equipped library for reading, study, and research.  The Museum and Library officially opened to the public in 1966, and both have become vital contributors to the cultural life of Tyler County.

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