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Allan Shivers Library & Museum

Lending Policies and Fees-Fines.PDF

Allan Shivers Library Policy on Issuing Library Cards 1. Any sober, well-behaved person may use the library materials in the library even if he or she does not have a library card. 2. To secure a library card, the prospective patron’s identification is established by driver’s license or state ID and by information about home address, telephone numbers, etc. 3. All public school students in Tyler County’s school districts are eligible for cards while in school provided a parent or adult with whom they are living accepts responsibility for lost and overdue books. 4. Teachers in the Tyler County school districts may have regular cards while they hold a position here, regardless of where they live. Use of Library Cards A valid Allan Shivers Library Card must be presented in order to check out any library materials. A card that has been lost, stolen or destroyed can be replaced for a fee if under one year since issue. Immediately report lost or stolen cards to the library, as you are responsible for all materials checked out on your card. Otherwise, staff will assume that anyone presenting your library card has been authorized to use it.